What is Right To Information?

Right To Information(RTI) is the constitutional right of Indian Citizens to know how the government works, enacted by the Right To Information Act, 2005. RTI is a powerful weapon against one of the greatest evil that is plaguing India, CORRUPTION.

Project Objective

To make an Online platform that brings together RTI activists from across the Nation and helps them to form and thrive a healthy RTI Community. It won’t be a discussion platform, but a online community that revolves around RTI Information Systems that automates the RTI Application flow end to end.

  1. Help beginner RTI Applicant to learn RTI process and apply their first Application.
  2. Help a seasoned RTI Activist to manage their 100s of RTI Applications, reminding them on First appeal, Second appeal dates.
  3. Provides systems to draft RTI Application, First Appeal and even a Second Appeal.
  4. Takes care of differences between State wise RTI implementation and provides a common interface for the User.
  5. But when required for the sake of learning, dives deep into the state wise rules.
  6. Make the whole system Open source, and give it free of cost to the Society, provided we could raise funds to meet Development expenditures.

India needs a Super Hero

  • Digital RTI Community

    1. Mini social network with activity feed, where you can follow activities of your fellow RTI Activists
    2. Volunteer profile, Notification system, and more

  • RTI Form

    1. To select prefilled RTI Applications for 100s of commonly filed RTI scenarios, to write a complete new RTI from scratch, select payment methods and generate the RTI, which can be filed with any PIO.

  • First Appeal Form

    1. To generate First Appeal, taking inputs from existing RTI filed through this System or by taking external inputs of an RTI filed externally.

  • Second Appeal Module

    1. To generate Second Appeal, taking inputs from existing RTI, FA filed through this System or by taking external inputs of an RTI, FA filed externally.

  • State Specific Generation

    1. Each state has it’s own RTI rules, with minor deviations from main RTI Act to having custom RTI forms in few states. Our system will provide a common interface to the RTI Applicant and takes care State wise rules by its own.

  • Follow Up Module

    1. Provisions to track the proof of delivery, upload and organize the RTI responses, Transfers.
    2. Mail, Notification, SMS Reminders

  • Moderation

    1. Provides points, ranks and roles based on Community contribution
    2. Access to moderation privileges and tools based on roles.
    3. Moderation system for Democratic framework, just like Stackoverflow is for technical discussions.

  • Social

    1. Complete integration with Facebook, Twitter to share the generated RTI, Success stories

  • Alert System

    1. Moderators should be able to add Special content related to threats, abusing of any RTI Activists.
    2. System will alert connected (geographically, friends) Activists bringing explosive, even nation wide attention to any small harm to any activist.
    3. Once the System is up and running nation wide, the corrupts should know abusing a single RTI activist will only bring them under the attention of 100s of activists from across the nation.

  • Privacy

    1. Strict Privacy mechanisms to make use of the system anonymously and stay away from the Community part of the system.

  • Admin Panel

    1. Provides an Admin Panel for RTI Activists to easily upload new RTI templates into the system.

  • Multi-Lingual

    1. To support local languages, starting from Tamil, Hindi.

  • Different File Formats

    1. Generating DOCX, PDF Application (For now, only HTML generation is implemented)
    2. Integrate with your Google Drive

  • Mobile applications

    1. To access all above functions via easy to use, light weight Mobile app.

  • Provision for PIO, FAA and SICs

    1. Interfaces for PIOs, FAA, SICs to manage the Applications and Appeals. Will be created on demand from Public Authorities

Phases of Development

The system has challenges in all fronts from Legal, Technical to Financial domains. So we will implement the System in a phased manner, starting with the most basics that require minimal Budget.

  • Phase 1
    • RTI Date Calculator
    • Multi Language
  • Phase 2

    • User Login
    • RTI Form
    • Admin Panel
    • Follow up - Basic
    • Social Share
    • 50+ Common RTI Templates
  • Phase 3

    • RTI Community
    • Moderation - Basic
    • State Specific Details
    • Privacy
  • Phase 4

    • First Appeal Form
    • Second Appeal Form
    • Moderation - Advanced
    • Follow up - Advanced
    • Social Networking elements - Basic
    • Alert System
    • Provision for PIOs, FAAs and SICs
  • Phase 5

    • Social Network elements - Advanced
    • Mobile Apps