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Chennai has 107,05,000 people. Most of whom are angered, bothered by and are passionate to be the change they want to see. Chennai also has more than 30,000 NGOs across causes committed to creating sustainable change

We are here to transform the world of volunteering and volunteer-driven NGOs as we know it.

Grassroots connects NGOs and volunteers and is evolving into a one-stop platform for NGOs to find volunteers and run end-to-end event management and volunteer database management.

Grassroots has this mission to building an app that would allow NGOs and volunteers to find a common platform to reach out, get connected, engage meaningfully and move together.

Team Experiences
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volunteer app
  • Angular/Ionic
  • Firebase
  • Wordpress
NGO admin
  • Angular/Ionic
  • Firebase
  • 2017
  • Saiyasodharan R
  • Arjun Prasath
  • Surendhar Thina
  • Avis Manoj
  • Sakthivel J
Quality Analyst
  • Beulah sharon
  • Hari Babu Ashokan
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